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NOTICE: Ortmaster sales and service will soon be handled by Electrical Test Instruments, Inc.

For a description of the new Ortmaster System click on: specs

For the manual in pdf format: Manual

For the latest stable software download (WinXP, Win7, Win8): OrtmasterSetup.zip

For all software downloads: Ortmaster Setup Files

Release notes for this version: Release Notes

Ortmaster Demo: Demo
Ortmaster Reports: Reports

Utility software:
Directory of software downloads
Utility for extracting test data from old TCC data files

Current Pricing

The old Ortmaster had a list price of $2995 and the TCC software was $1395. The combination was $3995.

The new Ortmaster system is offered at the same list price of $3995 and it includes software that provides the functionality of the TCC program.


1. Promo discount (limited time): 5% discount = $200

2. Quantity (2-4): 10% discount = $400

3. Quantity (5-9): 15% discount = $600

4. Trade-in old Ortmaster: $500

5. Re-use old Ortmaster enclosure: $200

Referral Bonus: $200

Prices are subject to change.

For more information contact:

Paul E. Schoen

paul at pstech-inc dot com

Updated April 7, 2017